A how-to for linking Instagram and Twitter

Linking Instagram and Twitter

Are you linking Instagram and Twitter? This is a quick setup, we promise.

You can set up your Instagram to send a Tweet every time you post. Sound like it can make life easier? Well, it can, depending on your goal.

  • Linking your accounts will not automatically post everything to Twitter. A slider at the bottom of every post creation window will allow you to send it to Twitter if you want.
  • Sending it to Twitter will not duplicate your post to Twitter. Twitter does not allow automatic embeds of Instagram content on Twitter. Therefore, it will send a link and your caption to Twitter.
  • If you use many hashtags, Instagram tags, etc., this option is probably not the best for you. Make sure that your formatting will work on both platforms.

How to do it

The actual setup is straightforward.

  1. Go to Instagram. Click the little hamburger menu at the top.
  2. Go to settings > account > sharing to other apps. 
  3. Select Twitter, and authorize Instagram to connect to your Twitter account

Voilá! That is truly all there is to it.

Instagram supports linking to many different platforms, so connect away!

Additionally, try a more robust scheduling tool if you’re looking to duplicate your content and send images natively to Twitter. True Anthem can help you automate your social media posts. Contact us for a demo!

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