Mastering LinkedIn for publishers

LinkedIn for publishers

Think LinkedIn is just for job hunting? Think again! This platform is a goldmine for social media marketing and deserves a spot in your strategy. While LinkedIn continues to be recognized primarily as a platform for professional networking, it also offers publishers substantial advantages in terms of increased website traffic and engagement.

LinkedIn is among the most underestimated and least understood platforms, often forgotten about when creating social media strategies. The truth is LinkedIn is a leader in lead generation and online revenue. It’s become a bustling hub for information sharing, and its reputation helps brands build a solid rapport with their readers. This creates loyal subscribers and quality online interactions.

In this article, we’ll dive more into the reasons for exploring LinkedIn for publishers and why it’s worth your time. We’ll also hit on some essential LinkedIn-exclusive tools to help you optimize your profile and ensure you get the most out of your efforts.

Benefits of LinkedIn for Publishers 

LinkedIn is an essential platform for publishers and businesses who want to reach a different side of their audience. LinkedIn users enjoy their feeds with more intention than your everyday rapid scrollers. They consume at a more thoughtful pace and desire the networking aspect of the platform lovers.

LinkedIn elevates publishers in this online space in a few ways compared to other platforms. 

Lead generation and conversions

True, LinkedIn started as a business networking platform. It launched back in 2003 to bring business professionals together in one space. Now, the platform has over 57 million businesses and 822 million users per day!

One study found that 80% of B2B sales are generated from LinkedIn, resulting in 3x more conversions than dominating platforms like Facebook and X. What does this mean for you? It is a fabulous opportunity to turn casual browsers into dedicated readers and subscribers.

Niche leaders and valid sources 

Unfortunately, social media is full of fake news and unreliable sources. We hate it just as much as you. Readers who look for their news on LinkedIn don’t enjoy sifting through junk to find valid sources of information. Because the demographics on this platform are highly engaging and more professional, your audience here is looking for quality above all else.

LinkedIn for publishers provides the opportunity to become a leader in their niche. This platform thrives on connection, offering brands plenty of suggestions for audiences who may be interested in their content. Publishers who stay relevant and active on LinkedIn show their readers they are the real deal and a reliable news platform serious about their content. 

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is LinkedIn authority. However, the journey is worth it for those meaningful connections and high engagement. The payoff of slowly building trust with your audience goes a long way. You can do this by engaging with your network, sharing your thoughts and expert tips, and building your brand in a way that sets it apart from others. It’s not an overnight process, but niche audiences are essential to establishing genuine connections with your readers and maintaining high engagement. 

We cover more on LinkedIn best practices here and even break down the steps for setting up your LinkedIn business page for success. 

Essential platform tools 

LinkedIn is packed with internal tools to help brands succeed in finding audiences and authentically connecting with platform users. A few tools publishers should consider exploring include: 

  • LinkedIn Podcast Network: Does your brand have a podcast? Publishers can become a part of the LinkedIn podcast network! LinkedIn podcasts focus on career and business topics and help build a solid online community. You can even find hosts to feature on your podcast through the platform!
  •  LinkedIn Lives: If your team can’t commit to a podcast, try LinkedIn Live. Talking about your niche on a live stream can increase engagement and find new users. It’s a great way to let your audience see your brand authentically and leave space for real-time questions and conversations. You can go live spontaneously or schedule a live in advance with the option of promoting it on and off the platform. 
  •  Published Articles: Publishers can also show their expertise on LinkedIn by posting articles on various topics of interest. You can share these articles with followers on their feeds and help establish that niche audience loyal to your brand. You can cross-publish on Facebook and X. Bonus—these articles even show up in Google searches when optimized.

Using True Anthem for LinkedIn

The benefits of LinkedIn for publishers are substantial. However, most are only accessible if you can execute a solid social media strategy. LinkedIn users, in particular, are not looking for subpar or inconsistent feeds. They know what they want and will heavily engage with the accounts that meet their needs. 

True Anthem can help publishers develop a killer LinkedIn strategy that uses data to publish the content this demographic seeks. Our algorithm can take your best-performing content on other platforms and help you spin it for LinkedIn users. Knowing which direction to take your content will also help you utilize the platform-specific tools, while our scheduling features make sure all of your content and events are consistent. 

Look at how True Anthem can help bring success on LinkedIn for publishers by requesting a demo of our AI-social media management tool.

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