Important Pinterest terms for new Pinners (and maybe the not so new, too)

Pinterest terms

If you have no idea what a rich pin or a secret board is, you’ve come to the right place! Platform lingo can confuse even semi-experienced social media users, so it’s worth making sure you know what you’re talking about. Read on, and we’ll clear up all of the Pinterest terms for you!


A Pinterest post. Twitter has tweets; Pinterest has pins. Pins can be text, image, or video posts, and can include a link back to the source.


A Pinterest user. One who Pins, if you will.


As with most of these Pinterest terms, this one speaks for itself. When someone pins non-original content to their boards, they are RePinning. Any Pin that the user did not create is a RePin. Similar to a Facebook Share.


Pinterest’s content organization structure. Pinners add their Pins to boards they have created. For example, brides may have a wedding board, or even more specific wedding hair, dress, and decor boards. Companies may develop boards around new collections, seasonal lines, or product usage.

Group Boards

A board that has several members. They are used to collaborate.

Secret Boards

Secret boards sound precisely like what they are. They are private boards. The “lock” symbol beside the name is used as an indicator.

Protected Boards

They are used by advertisers to house promoted Pins. They are not displayed on the profile but are available through promoted channels across the platform.

Rich Pins

A Pin on steroids. It offers way more than the link and image/video. There are four types available: Product Pins, Recipe Pins, Article Pins, and App Pins.

Promoted Pins

A promoted pin is a Pin that a brand or company has placed money behind. There are several different kinds of promoted pins, and they’ll show up in both your searches and your home feed.

Shop the Look Pins

Shop the Look pins allow businesses to add clickable product tags to their Pins. Pinners can then “shop the look” by tapping on white dots.

Save Button

The “save button” is an off-platform button, but it’s helpful. The Save Button is a Chrome extension that allows you to save products from across the web to your Pinterest boards.

Audience Insights

Account analytics for your Pinterest business account. You’ll be able to track impressions, saves, link clicks, and more.


Pincodes are, basically, QR codes. They allow users to create a scannable code linking back to their Pinterest account.

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