How people are using Twitter Spaces in newsrooms

How Newsrooms are Using Spaces

Twitter rolled out Spaces in Dec. 2020 Twitter rolled out Spaces in Dec. 2020 to a select few users as a test—just six short months after Clubhouse launched. The idea was simple: Mobile-only chats that facilitate live voice discussion. It looks like the feature is here to stay, and we’re likely to see more use of Twitter Spaces in newsrooms.

What are Spaces?

Spaces, simply put, feel like a podcast. One person hosts a Space, which surrounds a specific topic of interest. The Space creator is the host, and up to 13 people can speak simultaneously. Spaces are now available across all platforms (it was iOS exclusive for a while), and anybody can listen to them.

You can access Spaces on mobile by clicking the Spaces icon at the bottom of the app.

How Newsrooms are Using Spaces

How are people using Twitter Spaces in newsrooms?

This is the interesting part. One of the biggest selling points they’re using to sell Twitter Spaces in newsrooms is that they want to hear reporters and journalists discussing news stories as they break. The concept is that they will be answering questions about what they do know and speculating about what they do not know. Recently, Twitter has added new functionality that allows hosts to record conversations in Spaces. NiemanLab ran an article recently, highlighting some of the experimental use from news organizations.

Organizations are reporting generating digital content from the conversations in their hosted Spaces. They can take live questions, and there undoubtedly is value in connecting with your audience and allowing them to ask questions directly. Third, some organizations have been able to pull in star power to draw significant audience numbers. For example, NPR hosted a Space conversation with Matthew McConaughey, in which he announced he was not running for governor of Texas.

The already media-heavy platform seems like a natural fit to try out new conversation methods. Journalists already have followings on Twitter and are comfortable with the platform, so there is a genuine connection to new opportunities.

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How can you try Spaces in your newsroom?

Understandably, some users have been slow to adopt. After all, you need to add another medium to your strategy. Here are some ways to get started:

  • Pick a topic you are familiar with and have spent much time covering. It’s easier if you know your material.
  • Use hosts that have experience facilitating conversations.
  • Engage people of influence—credibility is important.
  • Free up time by scheduling your day-to-day posting.


Twitter Spaces allows users to host and attend live audio conversations, interviews, and interactive talks on current topics. With Spaces, you can tap into a larger social media audience and generate more engagement for your interviews. Amplify and promote conversations by Tweeting interesting highlights or quotes from the interview – it’s sure to spark intrigue and draw in even more viewers.

Dispatches from the field

Reporters covering news stories around the world can do live audio dispatches from the field without having to worry about getting a satellite truck set up. With Spaces, you can do live audio broadcasting from your iOS or Android devices, empowering reporters with a faster way of doing real-time reporting from any location.


Journalists and subject matter experts can now connect with their followers in real-time through live Q&A sessions, giving them the power to provide quick and comprehensive answers to the audience’s questions. No longer are we limited to just traditional news outlets – this unique platform allows us access to expert opinions on various topics.

That last one is what we do best! If you’re ready to leap into AI postingset up your demo today.

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