Halloween social post ideas for your brand

Halloween social post ideas

Halloween is fun. It feels like less commitment than the December holidays, and you can make it as fun or as creepy as you’d like. But what should you do? How elaborate should you make your holiday posts? It’s all up to you, your brand, and your availability. Your Halloween social post ideas can be completely tailored to your needs!

Here are some jump off points if you aren’t sure what to tackle first.

Spookify your profile

Start here! Update your bio on your social profiles. Swap our your profile image. Have a Halloween giveaway or promotion? Make sure it’s visible! A fun cover image can also attract some attention. Have fun with it, and don’t be afraid to show some personality!

But what do I post?

Okay, okay. This is what you really want to know. What kind of content do people want to see? You likely have a pretty good idea what kind of content gets a response from your audience. Do they love videos? Funny graphics? Memes? More in-depth posts? Whatever it is, start there. Then, look at these tips and figure out how to Halloween it up:

  • Halloween puns go a long way. Seriously. Everyone uses them, so you need to get creative! Take your brand aesthetic into account, choose a color palette, and create a series of graphics to share
  • Is your audience into creepy/scary content? Find ghost stories to tell! Create some spooky images and schedule one every day.
  • Use your existing content and embellish it! Add some illustrations, seasonal copy, and other appropriate elements. This is an easy way to go about making your content fun and seasonal without a super heavy lift.
  • Use your team! Have you decorated your office/stores? Is there a Halloween party you can post photos of? Putting faces to your brand is so important, and this can be a great way to give your staff some face time.
  • Come up with some creative DIY ideas!
    • Costume ideas
    • Decorations/crafts
    • Recipes
  • Local lore and legends! People love when they get to hear stories of creepy haunts in their area. Additionally, this could be a great way to engage your audience, specifically if you’re a local brand! Are there notoriously haunted buildings/areas in your town? Create images and tell the stories, and have people share their own memories/experiences.

Other fun seasonal ideas

So, we have a seasonally appropriate profile. We’ve got somem fun post ideas. What now?

Sales and promotions

People love a deal, and they love promotions. Any time there’s a holiday, there’s a way to come up with some “spooktacular savings.” It doesn’t have to be a lot, but eve a small holiday-themed freebie could be fun for your audience!

Theme your products/pages

You can update your tagline, banners, layouts, and more! Add a fun embellishment to your website. A spider crawling across the page? A color swap? Whatever it is, it should be fun and engaging and get people talking.

In the end, have fun! This is a lighthearted season for most people, and you don’t want to overthink it. Do whatever will get your audience talking!

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