Facebook is adding a bunch of new controls to the Newsfeed

Facebook's Newsfeed Preference

Facebook’s Community Standards and new Content Distribution Guidelines shed light on how content gets placed in the algorithm. In short, creating safe, engaging content that provides a positive user experience is the goal. They do this through their community standards and by asking content creators to follow content guidelines. Now, they’re adding more control on the user’s end with a new set of Newsfeed preferences on Facebook.

From the team:

“Our enforcements to reduce problematic content in News Feed are rooted in our commitment to the values of Responding to People’s Direct Feedback, Incentivizing Publishers to Invest in High-Quality Content, and Fostering a Safer Community.”

Finally, we have insight into the consumer side of things. Facebook’s algorithm is an opaque beast that routinely irritates users, largely because it decides which content is important without any input beyond engagement. For example, if you only see group posts, you will engage with more group posts. This has created an unending cycle of seeing less desirable content showing up in the newsfeed.

Now, there’s a big update coming to Facebook’s Newsfeed preferences.

Facebook is currently testing new tools that will allow people to set preferences about what kinds of content they would like to see. Accordingly, new controls will allow you to choose which content you see from which type of publisher. Users will be able to choose between groups, family and friends, and pages accordingly. All of it will be accessible in Newsfeed preferences, resulting in a much more user-friendly scrolling experience.

 Here are some other features they are looking to include in Facebook’s Newsfeed preferences:

  • Favorites
  • Snooze
  • Unfollow
  • Reconnect

As usual, they’ll start with a select few countries and expand over time. New Newsfeed preferences will give users a much better experience on the platform and help them engage with content much more effectively.

Ultimately, this affects publishers just as much as the audience. With the ability to prioritize content on the consumer end, your audience is less at the mercy of the algorithm. You have an opportunity to work your way back into their newsfeed regularly. Seize the opportunity! Connect with your audience, serve them well, and hopefully, you’ll soon see the results.

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