TikTok get a FYP, a new platform from the creators of Instagram, Instagram upgrades

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Twitter continues its massive overhaul on ever side with not only a UI makeover, but some business changes with twitter Blue. If you don’t know what Artifact is, it may be time to get on the wait list. Pinterest is now in a partnership with Condé Nast and all their properties, which could make for some really cool content. Here’s what’s going down this week!

1. Twitter gets a FYP-esque style makeover

Elon Musk has said Twitter is getting a UI overhaul, and it looks like things are already moving along. Twitter has a new tab that lets you scroll user Tweets in a TikTok-style For You Page. From Mashable:

Twitter is taking steps to make a For You Page-esque experience, similar to what TikTok offers. The social media app, which has undergone a tumultuous past year to say the least, is changing up users’ default feeds with two new tabs.

2. What is Artifact?

Instagram’s creators are on a new project called Artifact. Described by The Verge as a “TikTok for text,” the platform is an AI enhanced personal newsfeed—maybe a Google reader fro 2023. From The Verge:

Artifact — the name represents the merging of articles, facts, and artificial intelligence — is opening up its waiting list to the public today. The company plans to let users in quickly, Systrom says. You can sign up yourself here; the app is available for both Android and iOS.

3. Twitter is adding a rev share and other incentives to get people to sign up for Twitter Blue

Twitter is expanding not only the list of countries that offer Blue, but is offering new incentives to get them to sign up.

In addition to this, they’ll be sunsetting Blue Verifies, and offering the gold check for business for as much as $100/month.

Interesting times over there. Read more at Social Media News.

4. Instagram adds a CTA option for creators

This could be a really useful tool for businesses operating on Instagram. They now provide an option for custom questions and standard data collection, which can help you guide queries. From Social Media News:

You could, for example, use these queries to better segment and prioritize queries, or as a simple way to express more of your brand persona, and engage with users in the app. It could also help you gather information on your business – like how people heard about you, etc.

5. Pinterest and Condé Nast have joined forces

This is not surprising, but still kind of cool.

From WWD:

The deal, the latest step in a video and content strategy that Pinterest rolled out two years ago, will channel 160 exclusive videos produced by Vogue and Architectural Digest pegged to featured seasonal and cultural moments, including “Fashion Month,” “Wedding Season,” “Summer” and “Back to School.”

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