How to find your posting cadence on Facebook

posting cadence on facebook

Posting cadence on Facebook is a delicate balance. We’ve already discussed weighing your content creation against your social posting. We dove into evergreen content and how to use it to drive more traffic. These are all great ways to start taking inventory of your production capacity, your existing content, and your posting process.

Am I posting too much on Facebook?

What we’re really asking here is this: At what point does the number of post hurt your reach? First, let’s look at the key Facebook metrics for a Page:

  • Page Reach
  • Average Post Reach
  • Average Link Clicks per Post
  • Click Through Rate

The answer here is going to depend on your content and your audience. Start by looking at 30 or 60 day histories. Are there upward trends across these metrics? Post more! That means there is likely opportunity for some traffic growth, because your audience is hungry for your content. Give them more.

How much should I post every hour?

There has been a lot of conversation over the years about allowing your content to “breathe.” This refers to spacing out posts so that you  give each post a shot, essentially. The truth here is once again dependent on your audience and your content.

If you are a high volume news organization that is pushing out a hundred of pieces of content every day, your page is probably able to handle some more posting. 3-5 times an hour (or even more sometimes) is not unheard of for successful pages in this space.

So what is a healthy posting cadence on Facebook? 

We all love this answer: It depends. Take a look at all of your key metrics. Are they flat or declining? That may mean that you are saturating your audience or misaligning your content. Don’t worry! That can be fixed.

Go back to this post. Evaluate your content and your production. Here are some questions you can ask:

  • Am I producing content that my audience wants?
  • Am I valuing volume over quality? In other words, are we putting too much emphasis on how much goes out as opposed to what goes out?
  • Have I assessed when my audience is online?

It may be worth taking a step back to focus on connecting with your audience and giving them the right content. Then you can gauge how much of it they truly need.

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