Social media optimization for publishers: How True Anthem works for you

Social media optimization

Social media is an inextricable part of the news distribution landscape. If you run a newsroom, you likely rely on Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, X (Twitter), and other platforms for a large portion of your traffic. After all, researching and producing content is only the first part. If you’re lucky, you have a social team that is responsible for cropping video to the correct ratio, creating graphics, writing social copy, scheduling posts, running Lives/Stories, etc. But many newsrooms don’t, and it’s impossible to keep all the plates spinning. Ultimately, social media optimization for publishers can be time-consuming and fall through the cracks.

There is a better way to get your content to the right audience at the right time!

Problem #1: Most news teams are overloaded

The constant obligation to produce and distribute news can be daunting. Your overnight people—if you have them—are a skeleton crew and don’t have a ton of time to manipulate social content.

Ultimately, expecting someone to be a researcher, reporter, digital content creator, and marketer is unfair.

Problem #2: There is too much data to sort through

Even if you have a team, there are astounding amounts of data available to you from social media. Quite frankly, it is more than a human can process.

However, to truly optimize your social presence, you need to understand your analytics and make adjustments appropriately. Looking at post-performance and click-through rates, tracking views, and comparing platform trends to create a picture of overall brand health is almost impossible. At some point, you need the help of AI reporting to help streamline the process.

How True Anthem can help

Simply put, we can relieve your team. Here’s how:


Selecting content, composing social copy, and scheduling effectively for a 24/7 audience is more than a full-time job. With our AI solution, we can pull directly from your CMS or RSS feed to create social posts from your content.

Here’s how we do it:

  • You set up posting cadence and prioritize your content categories
  • Our platform looks at the metadata and analytics and fills a post-queue
  • You get to approve/lock in/or reject posts as they go into the queue. Or, sit back and watch it work.

No more tedious schedule practices, and you gain the insight of AI analytics in the selection process. Win/win!


How many times have you thrown something up on social just to have a post while scheduling manually? Be honest. It is impossible to analyze every piece of content and juxtapose it with your audience data to get the right piece out at the right time. We can:

Not only do we take the tedium out of the process, but you’re also getting data-driven content suggestions based on your audience.

You can’t beat that!

The solution

Social media optimization for news publishers is attainable.

True Anthem is setting a new standard in social media optimization to help publishers succeed in their online strategy without much effort at all. Using advanced AI, True Anthem can help publishers grow their traffic with data-driven posting by leveraging real-time data from your website. Our tool tells you who your loyal audience is, what they like, and which posts you should be honing your recirculation effort on for optimal results.

See how we can help boost your traffic and revenue stream firsthand by requesting a demo.

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