New Meta API changes, an Instagram AI chatbot, Twitter updates, and other stuff

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Meta API updates are allowing tagging in Reels and including creators, which is potentially pretty helpful. Instagram is also playing around with an AI chatbot, while twitter tries to control their DM spam and fact check images. Also, LinkedIn finally added DMs for company pages.

Let’s go.

1. Twitter’s new DM controls

The changes are pretty straightforward. First, only verified Blue users will be able to send DMs to people who don’t follow them. Second, non-verified users will receive limits on the number of DMs they can send daily. Will this cut down on spammers? Yes. Will there be casualties (like small businesses who use the platform for customer service)? Also yes.

Basically, get Blue and you won’t have problems.

2. Instagram’s AI chatbot?

It’s time for Instagram to join the AI chatbot party.

From Digital Trends:

Notably, a user may be able to choose from one of 30 AI personalities for the chatbot to adopt, though more details on this particular feature aren’t currently available. This fits with comments made earlier this year by Mark Zuckerberg, chief of Instagram owner Meta, when he said that his team is “developing AI personas that can help people in a variety of ways.”

3. Twitter will post “Community Notes” to fact-check images

From Mashable:

With AI images now going viral across Twitter, the social media platform has decided to update its crowdsourced “fact checking” feature to directly deal with not just the tweet that includes the media, but the media itself.

4. LinkedIn is finally allowing company pages to DM

This seems like a long time coming, but LinkedIn is allowing company pages to DM.

From LinkedIn:

“Users will now have the liberty to DM a Company Page and begin a conversation directly within the app, with Page administrators responding as the Page itself.”

5. Meta is opening up the Instagram API

Interesting developments. The people demanded more functionality for posting Reels from 3rd party apps, and the company responded.

From SMT:

“The user tagging feature will enable developers to allow users to tag one or more users during the Reels publishing process via the IG Content Publishing API. This feature works the same way as in Instagram’s first-party interfaces. Tagged users will see the Reel published in their tagged tab on their profile and receive a notification. The ‘Original Audio’ rename feature will enable developers to allow users to change the default ‘Original Audio’ name for any original audio they own when creating a Reel via the Instagram Reels API.”

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