New protections for teen users, TikTok on your TV, more X advertising developments, and more

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The safety of minors on social media is pretty much impossible to ensure, and it’s been a hot topic since social media began. It looks like there are even more attempts to protect kids online, recently from Meta and TikTok. X is offering an option to target only premium subscribers. TikTok is trying to be available everywhere. Let’s look into this week in social.

1. Snapchat announces new Family Center

Teen protections on the app have always been a topic of conversation, and the app has been public about their safety measures for young users.

They just announced Family Center, which allows parents to view their child’s friends, see messages, report abuse, and restrict content.

Go to Snapchat to read more.

2. TikTok comes to Chromecast

Now you’ll be able to watch TikTok on the big screen.

3. X allows advertisers to target premium subscribers

From Social Media Today:

X has added a new ad option to consider, with marketers now able to target X Premium subscribers specifically with their campaigns.

As you can see in this example, posted by X engineer Nate Esparza, X has added a new tick box in the ad creation process which will enable you to hone your ads on paying users, which could offer more value for those looking to reach active spenders in the app.

4. Meta is implementing more protections for teens across their apps

Much like Snapchat, Meta is trying to come up with ways to make users feel safer about their children using their products. Here are the takeaways from Meta’s release:

  • We will start to hide more types of content for teens on Instagram and Facebook, in line with expert guidance.
  • We’re automatically placing all teens into the most restrictive content control settings on Instagram and Facebook and restricting additional terms in Search on Instagram.
  • We’re also prompting teens to update their privacy settings on Instagram in a single tap with new notifications.

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