Instagram updates, X’s next moves, Threads on life support, and more

new youtube tool update

X is trying to bring competitive features to creators, and they may have found a good one. Meanwhile, Threads is hanging on by a thread and trying to roll out new features, TikTok’s AR is out of beta, and Instagram is testing a limited feed option.

Let’s dive in to this week’s platform news.

1. New X feature will allow users to collect emails from their subscribers

Essentially, when you subscribe to a user on X, you can allow them to take your email address. This could give X a huge edge for creators. Being able to own a list is something no other platform offers.

2. Threads launches a keyword search

They’re trying to hang on, and no, it’s not going great right now. But it seems like they’re trying to get features out as quickly as possible.

Now they’re adding search functionality to make the platform easier to navigate.

3. Instagram is testing out a Close Friends option for the feed

from SMT:

…some users are now seeing a new ‘Audience’ selector option within the post composer flow, which enables them to share their feed post with ‘Close Friends’ only, as opposed to posting to their profile as normal.

4. An AR milestone: TikTok’s Effect House comes out of beta

This can affect creators, allowing them a wider range of use and also more monetization options and creator support. The list of features is long:

  • More than 20 new releases with advanced features:
    • Art Maker and Asset Studio give creators the ability to generate assets for their effects with AI.User Media Texture incorporates images from the camera roll into effects (think Green Screen!).An expansive Asset Library allows you to explore a library of high quality and customizable 3D models, materials, and visual scripting assets.Use Material Editor to help you incorporate sophisticated textures and materials to enhance the appearance of effects.Social Kit incorporates Profile Photo and Profile Info Animation to enable the creation of social effects that can feature creators’ friends on TikTok.Generative Effects allow you to apply fun expressions like a smile or change appearance with features like Hair Eraser.More than 50 templates are available to help you get started with your creative journey and build effects in no time.More than 120 visual scripting nodes, including triggers, events, controllers, and more can be added to create custom, complex logic for your effect.

5. Instagram is testing longer Reels

3 and 10 minute Reels may soon be an option. The feature is only being tested internally, but they confirmed to TechCrunch that it’s in the works. From TechCrunch:

By increasing the time limit on Reels from three minutes to 10, Instagram would be aligning its short-form video product with TikTok, which expanded its maximum video length to 10 minutes back in February 2022. The change would also put Reels in competition with YouTube.

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