Importance of Reels for Publishers 

How publishers use reels

If you haven’t started creating Reels for your business Instagram page, it’s time. Reel activity accounts for 20% of user activity on Instagram. Creating these short video bits is crucial if you want your presence on this platform to be worthwhile. For publishers, it could even be the game-changer you’ve been looking for to boost your account.

The power of short video content on social media right now is mind-blowing, with Instagram being no exception. In 2022, there were over 1.44 billion active users on Instagram per month, and many were scrolling Reels. How publishers use reels will be slightly different than the average user. But overall, creating visually appealing, engaging, and quality Reels are the best strategies any business can use to elevate its content on Instagram. 

What are Instagram Reels? 

Instagram Reels are vertical videos that take up the entire mobile screen and last up to 90 seconds. They can appear on your feed from accounts you follow, or you can access video-only content by clicking the Reels icon on the bottom of your screen.   

Reels quickly replaced Instagram’s IGTV videos after first debuting in 2019, aligning more competitively with TikTok-style content that boomed during the pandemic. IGTV videos used to have a cap of 60 minutes, comparable to videos you would find on YouTube. 

You can utilize many styling and editing tools in Reels to make your videos stand out that IGTV never had.  In fact, Instagram’s algorithm is currently favoring reels over photo posts. The more quality video content you can make, the better, as long as your content connects with your audience and stays true to your brand.

Benefits of Reels for Publishers

Almost half of all brands on Instagram in 2022 posted consistent Reels compared to 30% in 2021. When Instagram began prioritizing Reels, not all users were thrilled. Profiles that perfected the aesthetics of the “Instagram-worthy” photo were now being kicked to the curb. On the contrary, publishers were put in a great position to leverage their stock of video content to start growing more on Instagram. 

Increased Reach and Engagement 

Publishers may not always be the first accounts users think to follow on Instagram, but they’re certainly getting more attention with Reels. The popularity of video content is allowing publishers to reach more non-following accounts to build engagement and interest. 

Cross Promotion Abilities

The more you can repurpose content on social media, the better. Posting Reels on Instagram allow you to cross-promote between Instagram and Facebook. You can yield double the results with the ability to grow audiences on both platforms from one piece of content. 

On Trend

Audiences are looking for video content right now. They scroll through Reels without even thinking. The more you implement Reels into your Instagram strategy, the better chance you will remain on trend and relevant. 

Creating Reels for Publishers

While many businesses are leaping to make video content, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Poor-quality videos can miss the mark with your audience and quickly tank engagement. Creating a video strategy using proven results for trending content is crucial. There are many do’s and don’ts when creating social media content you’ll want to consider before you start making Reels. 

Visual appeal and engaging content are the most important strategies to consider when making reels. Publishers have a mass of newsworthy video content to share, probably more than they know what to do with. Each publisher should develop their thumb-stopping style of Reel to match its brand and stand out. 

Some companies, like National Geographic, use minimal text in their Reels, focusing on stunning videos and inspirational carousels of photographs. Other publishers like Daily Mail are bold with their headlines, borders, and captions. At the same time, The New York Times uses a mix of interviews, documentaries, and on-the-ground footage accompanied by simple captions with minimal effects. 

Find what aesthetic and approach works best for your brand and desired audience. Try a few different styles of Reels to test user interests. 

Reels Are Sticking Around 

With more users than ever engaging in video content, you can expect to see Instagram prioritizing reels in the algorithm for a while. How publishers use Reels in their Instagram strategy could make or break the future of their accounts. Using frequent video content is an investment you won’t regret as we continue to see short-term video content grow.

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