X for news: What you need to know

x for news

Elon Musk’s X has focused on decentralizing information and breaking news. As long as the platform has existed, people have used it to share breaking news, links, and in-the-moment coverage of events. X for news is a natural fit—the platform’s real-time nature lends itself to immediate coverage. It also leads to a higher rate of misinformation, as people rush to get things out before they can be properly checked.

With all of the changes happening at X, one thing has remained constant: People still go there to get their news. A new study has shown that people use X to get news more than any other platform.

Why does this matter for news publishers?

Simply put, X is the only platform actively supporting news content. Capitalizing on a news-hungry audience should be an important part of every new publisher’s strategy.

In short, you need to go where the conversation is, and people are talking in real-time on X.

Challenges of X for publishers 

Before discussing strategies local publishers can use to succeed on X, it’s essential to understand the platform’s challenges and limitations. 

  • National and international competition: First, X is a tool used by all news publishers: local, national, and international. Competing with publishers on a national and international scale is tricky. These accounts have larger budgets and audiences than local publishers generally have. Creating an effective social media strategy with curated content is critical to standing out. Content is everything, and good content will help smaller publishers grow despite these massive accounts. 
  •  Maintaining relevance and engagement: Keeping your posts at the top of the feed can be more challenging without constant maintenance on a platform that moves as rapidly as X. If you do, it’s even harder to keep them there long enough for your audience to see and engage with posts, with over 500 million posts on the platform daily. Publishers must curate compelling content—on trend— that can catch a reader’s eye and inspire engagement.

How we can help

If you’re struggling to keep up, True Anthem can help. Maintaining a presence on every social platform is a big task, and day-to-day scheduling can be a huge burden on your team. If you’re interested in learning how we can take the work off your plate and free up time for new adventures, set up a demo today.

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