Updates from X and Threads, TikTok’s Legal Troubles, and Instagram’s generative AI

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X is wild right now, with all new branding and new features and new paywalls. Meanwhile, Threads is going to start releasing new features, which will make the app much more usable. Instagram dives further into generative AI, and adds some fun features. YouTube is still adding more TikTok like features, while TikTok bans are still on the table.

Let’s jump in.

1. Threads is adding web and search functionality

Threads has made posting available through the app, but it looks like that is changing! They have to be as accessible as possible to compete, and it looks like they’re on the right track.

From CNBC:

Mark Zuckerberg said in a Threads post on Friday that search and web features will be “coming in the next few weeks.”

2. TikTok debate in the US is sidelined, but other countries have picked up the fight

The TikTok security debate has been in Congress for years, namely the move to ban the app on government devices and, less seriously, remove it from app stores.

However, Australia and Senegal are currently trying to ban the app for entirely different reasons.

From SMT:

At one point, a ban seemed virtually inevitable, but the issue has seemingly quietened down in recent months, though TikTok remains a point of contention in several other regions.

This week, Senegalese authorities moved to block TikTok in the nation, due to concerns that the app is helping to fuel political dissent, and threaten the stability of the country.

In Australia, however, the app’s Chinese links are in focus, with Australian senators handing down a new report into the use of social media as a means of foreign interference, which identifies both TikTok and WeChat as significant security risks. 

3. Instagram’s AI dabbling is diversifying

From Metricool:

AI experiments have been happening all over social media, and Instagram is no different. We recently saw Meta’s efforts to use AI tools in ad creation, but now they are quickly working on AI tools for all users. These tools will be available on the feed for things like; Instagram Stickers, Visual Editing, AI Chatbot, Message Summary, and labels.

4. YouTube is adding even more features for shorts

YouTube Shorts have added more features that will feel quite familiar for TikTok users.

  • The remix feature, Collab, exists to create the familiar side by side videos
  • New effects and stickers
  • You can now go live
  • Suggestions offers effect and sound combos
  • Create Shorts playlists

For more information, go check out YouTube.

5. X has made Spaces available on desktop

X has a strong user base on desktop, so this move makes sense. From SMT:

It’s been in testing for some time, but now, X Spaces users can log in as a speaker on desktop, providing another way to engage in the platform’s audio chats.

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