Facebook’s News Feed changes, LinkedIn Stories advice, Twitter’s Professional Profiles and more

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1. Facebook is working on a feedback driven approach to the News Feed

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Facebook will be exploring “more feedback driven signals” when it comes to the News Feed. The new approaches include:

  • Updated surveys
  • Whether people find a post inspirational
  • Gauging interest in certain topics
  • Better understanding content people want to see less of
  • Making it easier to give feedback directly on a post

Overall, it looks like they’re making an effort to help people decide what they want more of in their feeds, focusing on the content itself and not just who its from.

Go read the whole thing for more specifics.

2. Twitter is testing out a tip jar feature, as well as Super Follows

Super Follows have been on the table for a while – essentially, paywalled Tweets. The Tip Jar feature allows people to donate in platform. Overall, super interesting. Here are the details.

Going by the formats that she has put out, Twitter users will have a ‘Tipping’ button to accept monetary contributions direct on their profile.

And there will be a ‘Super Follow’ to replace the ‘Follow’ button, which will likely allow twitter handles to charge for exclusive content.

3. Professional Profiles are also a Twitter thing now

There’s a new Twitter update every other day, it seems. Next up: Professional Profiles.

Professional Profiles are a new tool that will allow businesses, non-profits, publishers, and creators — anyone who uses Twitter for work — to display specific information about their business directly on their profile.
… We’re starting with a small pool of businesses in the U.S. and will give more accounts access to Professional Profiles in the coming months.
Looks like they’re still finalizing what it means, but could be interesting.

4. LinkedIn has offered advice for brands using their stories

Stories on LinkedIn? You aren’t the only one with questions. LinkedIn is trying to answer some of them. 

“Professional context” doesn’t mean this content needs to be overly formal or stuffy. To the contrary, LinkedIn Stories provide a more casual format and are great for bringing different dimensions of your brand or personality to life. Stories are perfect for behind-the-scenes glimpses, “day in the life” content, product exclusives, employee spotlights, and more.

With LinkedIn Stories, you can use various interactive elements, including stickers, @mentions, and questions of the day to engage your audience. You can even add a swipe-up link to your Story frames to boost website traffic and drive conversions. The best part is that LinkedIn Stories appear at the top of your audience’s feed, thus amplifying reach and awareness and effectively keeping your brand top of mind.

For a solid list of best practices, check out the post.

5. New YouTube Select Sponsorship opportunities

U.S. users are getting access to a bigger, better YouTube Select.

Our seasonal sponsorship offering focuses specifically on what’s prominent in culture during that time of year, like Mother’s Day, Summer Wellness or Women in Music during Women’s History Month. And most importantly, the breadth of the seasonal slate means advertisers have a much wider variety of opportunities to celebrate diverse communities and topics, and reach their audiences where they are watching.

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