Instagram for kids, warnings to read before you share, and more social platform updates

Facebook Automated Posting

1. YouTube expands the Clips option

They will be expanding this to 10x more channels. They’ve added a public Clips count as well, so users are now able to see how many have viewed the Clip. Skip to 3:25 for the full update.

2. TikTok “refreshes” their Safety Center

TikTok has had a rough go when it comes to convincing parents of safety. They’ve launched their next step in educating parents and protecting their youngest users.

Things they have included:

Here is a link to the TikTok Safety Center

3. Facebook is creating Instagram for Kids, and Attorneys General from 44 states have asked them to stop

The pushback to the proposed Instagram for Kids platform is strong. The company has promised that there would be no advertising for the under 13 age group, but that doesn’t seem to be good enough.

“It appears that Facebook is not responding to a need, but instead creating one, as this platform appeals primarily to children who otherwise do not or would not have an Instagram account,” the AGs wrote. “In short, an Instagram platform for young children is harmful for myriad reasons. The attorneys general urge Facebook to abandon its plans to launch this new platform.”

4. Facebook is testing prompts to push users to read articles before sharing.

From Twitter:

Facebook Automated Posting

5. Instagram is testing a Reshare sticker in stories

Instagram has been trying to figure out how to manage the sharing of posts to stories. For one test, they removed the option entirely. It looks like htat approach has softened a bit.

This was noted last month on Twitter:

Instagram for kids

And this week, there has been an update:

Instagram for kids

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