Facebook’s Privacy Center, more Twitter tests, and other platform news

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1. Facebook launched a new ‘privacy center’ tool

You may not have it yet, because it’s being rolled out slowly. However, it should be coming soon. Here’s some of what is included:

The current version of Privacy Center has five modules, each containing guides and controls related to a common privacy topic: 

  • Security: You can brush up on account security, set up tools like two-factor-authentication or learn more about how Meta fights data scraping. 
  • Sharing: You can visit this guide if you have questions about who sees what you post, or how you can clean up old posts on your profile using tools like Manage Activity.  
  • Collection: Learn about the different types of data that Meta collects, and how you can view that data through tools like Access Your Information.  
  • Use: Learn more about how and why we use data, and explore the controls we offer to manage how your information is used.
  • Ads: Learn more about how your information is used to determine the ads you see, and make use of ad controls like Ad Preferences.

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2. LinkedIn is upping its virtual events game

Claiming that “virtual events are here to stay,” LinkedIn appears to be building out their tech capabilities in this area. They’re building on their LinkedIn Live success and beta testing Audio Events.

We’ll kick off with a few thousand creators who will host events across different topics and themes – any member can tune in and participate. We’ll expand the ability to host Audio Events to more creators in the coming months, and we’ll start rolling out our Video Events format later this spring.


3. Twitter is testing full screen Tweet reactions

This should be interesting. We’ll see if it lasts. Twitter is allowing users to Retweet content with a “reaction.” This means that they’ll be able to attach a short video or photo to the tweet as they retweet.

Facebook’s Privacy Center

4. Twitter is testing new way to create a Tweet

It looks like they’re testing a shift away form the button on the right side of the screen and adding a compose bar across the bottom. Is this going to remove a barrier? We’ll see. Looks interesting, though.

Facebook’s Privacy Center

5. Pinterest is making it easier to find Creators

They’re adding some search functionality that allows users to search for creators by both name and by content. If you’re looking for decor or baking or another topic, creators in that space will be listed. Pretty cool!

Watch the video on here.

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