Facebook’s new support features and creator capabilities, Instagram’s chronological feed

Meta and TikTok News

1. Facebook’s new support features and moderation capabilities

The Professional mode for Creator profiles will now offer more features, namely audience and profile insights. This is different than a Page, and you can still control who sees what content. From Meta:

Professional mode will open up access to post, audience and profile insights, as well as give easy access to monetization features – all in one place. For example, creators will be able to see the total number of shares, reactions and comments that posts have, and allow them to review their follower growth over time.

Additionally, there will be increased moderation capabilities.

  • blocking a user and new accounts they create
  • improving how you hide unwanted comments on your posts and view all hidden comments
  • For keyword blocking, you can now automatically hide comments with variations of words that use numbers, symbols, or different spellings.
  • Testing Moderation Assist, which – similar to Admin Assist for Groups – makes it easy to set criteria to automatically moderate comments on your posts.

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2. A look at the new version of Instagram’s chronological feed

Instagram has confirmed that they are working on a “version” of the chronological feed. This comes after a Senate hearing on Instagram and teen safety, in which Adam Mosseri said the team has been working on it for months.

From Engadget:
“Instagram confirmed it’s working on a chronological feed, with the “option to see posts from people you follow in chronological order.” The app will also add a “favorites” feed, which will surface posts from designated friends higher in the feed. Both feeds will be optional.”

3. TikTok is still the top social app, and it’s bringing others along for the ride

App Annie has released some data and projected that TikTok will surpass 1.5 billion users in the next 12 months. Wild.

Here’s an interesting excerpt:

Its influence on the 2021 data is obvious. It ranked #2 in the breakout app spend chart (this chart ranks apps that have registered the biggest change in spend over 12 months), and it also propelled CapCut to the top of the breakout downloads chart. Why? Because CapCut is an editing tool for TikTok, which rolled out globally in April 2020.” 

4. Twitter has announced a reported Tweet system overhaul

An interesting twist on reporting that they’re calling “symptoms first” reporting. The idea is to start with what happened, as opposed to having a users try to identify the problem. An interesting approach for sure.

Here’s how they explain it:

This method is called symptoms-first, where Twitter first asks the person what’s going on. Here’s the analogy the team uses: say you’re in the midst of an emergency medical situation. If you break your leg, the doctor doesn’t say, is your leg broken? They say, where does it hurt? The idea is, first let’s try to find out what’s happening instead of asking you to diagnose the issue.

Very different than any other platform.

5. Twitter bought Quill

Quill launched in February and is a work-focused messaging platform in line with Slack. Twitter looks like they may be trying to expand their messaging capabilities.

Twitter has acquired Slack-like messaging app Quill with an eye toward improving messaging services, including direct messages, the company announced Tuesday. In a tweet thread announcing the deal, Nick Caldwell, general manager for core tech at Twitter, described Quill as a “fresher, more deliberate way to communicate. We’re bringing their experience and creativity to Twitter as we work to make messaging tools like DMs a more useful & expressive way people can have conversations on the service.”

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