Twitter shakeup, Facebook Podcast is dead, Instagram tweaks, and more

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Another wild couple weeks in the tech world. Twitter has dominated the news in the wake of the Elon Musk deal, but Instagram is also making moves right now. Here are some new features to pay attention to.

1. No, Elon Musk does not own Twitter yet

If you somehow managed to miss it, last Monday the board of Twitter accepted Elon Musk’s offer to purchase Twitter for $44 billion. Everyone has opinions. Regardless, here are some facts:

  • The deal won’t actually close for months. Much like a house closing, it isn’t official until it’s official.
  • Twitter will become a private company.
  • Musk has been vocal about making the platform “politically neutral” and allowing equal opportunity for all voices, within the confines of the law.

2. Facebook kills support for Podcast Business

Well, that was a brief run. Ten months after they launched, Facebook is killing support for their new product. According to Bloomberg:

  • Podcasts will no longer be available on Facebook after June 3
  • Company will also end short-form audio feature, shut audio hub

3. Instagram Reels 90 second test expands to more users

The Reels experience is becoming more and more prevalent on Instagram, with users committed to scrolling through short-form video. The one-minute limit, though, falls short of TikTok’s 3 minutes, which has been annoying for some users.

While the 90 second videos are still in beta, it looks like more and more people are seeing the option. From Social Media Today:

The next step, then, will be to reduce the length of all video uploads (users are still able to upload video clips up to an hour long through the post composer), which will bring everything into greater alignment, in order to facilitate the next stage of Instagram’s content shift.

4. Links on your LinkedIn profiles are now a thing

The inability to link on your LinkedIn profile has been a pretty glaring absence. After all, if you’re networking, you should be linking to your website/portfolio/company, right?

Looks like they finally listened.

From LinkedIn:

We’ve heard from many creators that increasing visibility for that business, personal website, event, or that portfolio you want people to know about is a key priority for you. With creator mode, you can now add a link to the top of your profile so that audiences can learn more about you and your brand.

5. Instagram is testing pinned posts on user profiles

It sounds like TikTok, but actually functions more like Twitter’s pinned posts. From TechCrunch:

Currently, users have the option to pin Stories to their profile, but this new feature would expand this ability to posts. Although you can currently highlight a post in a Story and then pin that story to your profile, this new feature would make that process a lot easier and more straightforward. It’s worth noting that the feature works similarly to Twitter’s “Pin to your profile” feature that lets you pin a tweet to the top of your personal feed.

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