Elevating Social Media to a Strategic Function

Elevating Social Media

Social media distribution is a key piece of any successful publisher’s endeavors. However, social publishing can seem like an endless black hole to which posts must constantly be fed. Elevating social media to a strategic process can be a win across the board. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. Successful publishers are re-envisioning social media as a strategic initiative to drive revenue, audience, and engagement goals.

This is more important than ever since platforms are shifting to short-form video and trying to capture a younger audience. Media companies may need to rethink their content strategies and find new ways to reach their audience. 

This kind of strategic redirection is critical for success in today’s media world. But, too often, social media teams get stuck down in the weeds of execution. The mechanics of preparing posts and distributing them can consume most of the available hours with unreliable success.

Elevating social media strategy

Moving to a strategic view of social media requires three things. First, your social media team should have clear goals. The ultimate goal of every company must ultimately be revenue, but which social media efforts pay off? Aside from increasing revenue, your goals may include audience building, engagement, and building traffic to owned and operated properties.

Second, your social media team must understand which activities deliver on those goals. Content selection and post creation are the foundation of your online presence. Without this kind of visibility, it’s impossible to prioritize efforts and avoid wasting time and resources.

Finally, it isn’t easy to execute a strategic vision without automation. Automation technology helps free your social media team from the repetitive tasks of identifying content for social distribution. It also saves time with preparing posts for different channels, and scheduling them using a best-guess approach.

True Anthem automatically indexes, scores, segments, and predicts the success of website content identifying the most likely to perform best. Our platform also allows users to tailor post attributes for each social platform easily and then we optimize the distribution of those posts.

This kind of functionality frees the social media team to identify and execute more strategic activities, whether adding or increasing video capabilities or other important directions.

Are you ready to free hours from scheduling so you and your team can start focusing on strategic initiatives? Elevating social media strategy doesn’t have to be daunting. Let us show you how True Anthem can drive more traffic, increase revenues and spend less time doing it.

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