increase in social media traffic
of all site traffic generated by True Anthem
Before True Anthem, we tried several other companies that offered data-driven social media posting services, but they were not able to meet our needs. True Anthem has been hugely successful, increasing our traffic via social media by 52%.
Katie Watkins
Social Media Editor, ArchDaily
Maintaining social activity around the clock

Prior to working with True Anthem, ArchDaily was posting to Facebook roughly once an hour during the day, Monday through Friday, and less on the weekends. They were missing out on capturing their engaged global audience and attracting social traffic during nights and weekends.

By using True Anthem, ArchDaily was able to create a flexible posting schedule that increased their social posts on nights and weekends, driving more traffic to their website.

Finding a balance between link and gallery posts

Because ArchDaily is an architecture publication, visual content is very important to its readers. To engage with them, ArchDaily’s editorial team has to focus on offering customized, visually appealing posts across a wide range of social platforms.

By relying on True Anthem for link posts, ArchDaily was able to free up resources and dedicate employee time to post editorially intensive content such as Facebook galleries. This led to increased reach and engagement on Facebook.

Leveraging recirculation and content archives

True Anthem’s success team built posting rules and a custom schedule to suit ArchDaily’s needs. These rules included recirculating any trending content less than 72 hours old, ensuring timeliness and fresh content for readers.

True Anthem was able to identify and segment ArchDaily’s best-performing historical content and design a strategy to repost and unlock the value of their content archives. Using evergreen articles to unlock additional value reduced the pressure to create new content and increased revenue from existing assets.

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