Our mission is to help publishers and media companies efficiently distribute their most popular stories across social media to drive significant increases in monetization.
We have pioneered the use of artificial intelligence to identify the right content for social audiences—and then automatically post it at the right time.

We partner with local media and global news organizations—including Tribune, Hearst, and Reuters; feature publishers such as Meredith, and online giants including CBS Interactive—to drive increases in traffic, revenue and efficiency. Clients using our AI-powered Content Distribution Platform typically experience a 300% lift in ROI.

True Anthem is based in San Francisco, California. Interested in working at the intersection of AI and content? We're hiring!
Winner - 2017 DigiDay Signal Awards: Best Social Media Marketing Platform
Meet the Team
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Chris Hart
Founder, CEO
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Jon Buffington
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Joe Wilkerson
Director of Operations
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Erica Rabb
Director of Sales
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Alice Chan
Acting VP of Marketing
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