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Using Content to Convert Consumers

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Content: it’s rapidly becoming the marketing tool of choice, and with good reason. Brands that invest in content marketing see nearly eight times more traffic than those that don’t. With 60% of all marketers creating at least one piece of content every day, it’s no wonder everyone has content on the brain.

Marketers are investing heavily in content. We know content is the way of the future, and yet, only a quarter of all CMOs are able to quantify returns on content efforts. In an industry where you sink or swim based on ROI alone, that’s a little scary.

While there’s something to be said for getting more brand exposure through blogs, social media, and your website, marketers need to drive conversion from their content. Reach and exposure isn’t enough. Marketers need to redirect their dollars to the right places to get quantifiable returns on their hard work.

It can be tough to measure the precise impact of your content efforts, but it’s far from impossible. There are many ways to maximize your content ROI. Let’s take a look at how you can drive consumers into your purchase funnel and nurture them over time.

Driving conversions with content

The key to creating effective content for conversions is simple: it’s all about strategy. However, every brand’s strategy will differ depending on your audience, needs, and niche. Use these tactics to build a strategy that will make your consumers beg for more amazing content.

1. Know your audience

Your goal with content marketing is to get consumers into your funnel and nurture them to conversion. But ‘knowing’ your audience isn’t as simple as demographic or interest-based targeting. Only 59% of all mobile online campaigns are delivered to their intended audience, which means most advertisers get their audience targeting wrong.

Instead of looking at demographic data, look at consumer behavior. Amazon and Netflix are wonderful at using this data to target consumers with content. All advertisers need to use behavioral data to understand and predict how people will engage (and then convert) with your content.

There’s no better way to acquire the right consumers than to understand how your audience already uses your site and interacts with your content. Use analytics tools or True Anthem to find out what audiences engage with your first party content. This will help you identify your core audience for targeting, while informing content strategy.

It’s tempting to jump right into writing blog posts, but if you skip this step, your content efforts won’t make a dent in your bottom line. Get the most ROI from your content efforts. Transform research and data into actionable customer personas you can use while creating content.

Create a content marketing funnel

You might use the traditional sales funnel to push your leads to conversions. For the best chance of success, map your content marketing efforts to your existing funnel. In this way, marketers drive conversion by writing content designed for each stage of the sales funnel.

However your funnel looks, content marketing should move your consumers from interested prospects to loyal, regular buyers. Every brand needs to create a content marketing funnel that’s unique to their audience. Look at your sales and marketing goals first so you can design with your end goal in mind. Our funnel stages are acquire, engage, and convert.


As more consumers ignore traditional media and banner ads, there’s no better way to acquire new consumers and getting them to your site than using content. According to Hubspot, the average clickthrough rate for a search ad is 1.91%, and 0.35% for a display ad.

At True Anthem, we drive an average CTR of 8.01% for native content ads on social media, a whopping four times better than the average for search and 23 times better than the average for display. If you want to bring consumers into the purchase funnel, your silver bullet is relevant content delivered to the right consumer.


Marketers are shifting away from awareness and toward engagement. Driving traffic to your website is one thing, but real engagement is what you should prioritize. Content marketers see their content as products now. Many are using eCommerce strategies, like upsell and cross sell, to personalize content for their target consumers. This brings them into the purchase funnel, and keeps them there.

You can acquire the right audiences into the top of your funnel by building a relationship, constantly refining your content, and targeting the right audience.


Every great direct to consumer marketing strategy starts with content and ends in conversion. Once you’ve acquired and engaged consumers with your content, you’re in the driver’s seat. It’s up to you to convert consumers to purchase or sign up for your CRM.

This can be done using more CTA-oriented content. You can also use remarketing to bring back consumers who have engaged with your content in the past. If someone engaged with your blog about a product, you can easily remarket that face cream to their Facebook feed. Remember that consumers are always more likely to convert when you personalize their content.

However you design your funnels, remember to include a call to action that moves them along the funnel. A stagnant funnel costs you money! Move consumers along to encourage engagement and increase conversions.

If you don’t have a content marketing funnel or you’d like us to do an audit for you, contact True Anthem.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. That’s why it’s critical to establish key metrics at every stage of your funnel. You’re in the business of driving ROI for high-value conversion, and that’s why you need to measure your success.

Metrics like cost per video view, CPM, or CPC only tell part of the story. Think of each stage of your funnel in terms of driving high quality conversions at the lowest possible cost. You can measure this with metrics like ROI or return on ad spend (ROAS).

Of course, don’t overcomplicate your metrics. Assign one quality metric and one cost metric at each stage of the funnel. For example, at the acquire stage of our funnel for Facebook ads, we optimize to video view rate and cost. Every brand’s goals will be different, but True Anthem can help you build a measurement framework that supports your conversion funnel.

Give value, no matter what
You can have an amazing content strategy, but if the content itself is too salesy, all of your hard work will go down the drain. Your consumers want valuable content, not a sales pitch. If you come out of the gate asking them to buy, it’s likely to turn them away from your brand.

All content in your funnel needs to be relevant and valuable. Of course, the end game with your content is to make a sale, but you can’t make that the overarching focus of the content itself. Give value to your audience and, in turn, they’ll reward you with their trust and purchase in time.

Try giving value to your consumers with these content ideas:

Interactive content: Blogs are great, but everyone’s writing blogs. Get your head out of the word processor and send your users exciting, interactive content. Try sending them polls or personality tests to get more engagement. Look no further than content giant Buzzfeed to see examples of interactive content done right.

Long form content: Have you ever watched a TV show that was so, so good, but it was way too short? That’s how consumers feel when their favorite brands write a 200-word blog. For middle and bottom funnel focused content, invest the time and resources into writing long form content. But don’t plump up the word count just for the sake of adding more words. Write in depth how-to guides, a step by step manual, or a review to give value for your audience’s time.

Make it emotional: Emotions and stories reign supreme in content marketing. Tie your products or services with an emotion, whether through a national movement, charity, or a customer’s personal story.

The bottom line

‘Conversion’ doesn’t have to be a four-letter word for marketers. Conversions are completely attainable when you approach content marketing with focus. Use these tips to generate more bang for your buck to see returns on your content investment.

If you don’t already have the resources to measure your content’s effectiveness, you’re in luck. True Anthem offers AI-powered tools to boost your conversions at every stage of the funnel. Reach out to learn more about growing your content ROI.

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