Getting the Most out of your Evergreen Content with True Anthem

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As a publisher, you’re not just responsible for finding and creating new content to share across multiple marketing channels, but also sharing content that already exists. At True Anthem, one of the major ways we’ve supported our clients is by helping them identify their evergreen content and find ways to amplify their brand using this content.

For our clients, driving engagement with their audiences is key for growth and success on social media. Why is evergreen content so important? Not only does it help drive continuous engagement with your audiences, it also gives you leverage to post during nights or weekends (off peak times), when new content isn’t readily available. Re-using existing popular content allows you to maximize your investment in it.

How does True Anthem manage evergreen content?

Our platform allows publishers to improve the performance of their content engagement and lead acquisition programs by using AI to dynamically deliver the right content at the right time to the right audience. There are several ways we manage evergreen content, including:

  • Automatically distributing evergreen content during nights and weekends when more timely content may not be readily available.
  • Setting up filters for seasonal keywords or days of the week or months of the year. This helps filter out content that is timely or seasonal for a publisher.
  • Identifying the “best of historical” option. This helps clients identify older, popular content that hasn’t been noticed in awhile.

What are some results True Anthem clients have seen?

When we first started working with the team at Lowrider magazine, The Enthusiast Network brand, their most popular post had driven over 3000 social referrals. Upon turning on True Anthem’ “trending evergreen” posts on Facebook, the first post drove 6500 social referrals — more than double their biggest post of the year. A week later another trending evergreen post drove 9000 social referrals. True Anthem helped re-discover and capitalize on existing content from 2+ years ago.

Similar to the example above, when we initially began working with Teen Vogue, their team provided a pre-selected list of evergreen content. Yet, when they decided to test out our “trending evergreen” algorithms, we began to see the evergreen content that our system selected outperform the content on their list.

How are customers putting Facebook ad dollars behind their evergreen content and using it to connect with high quality audiences?

True Anthem helps clients get the most out of their evergreen for both organic and paid distribution strategies. Leveraging Facebook, True Anthem’s AI works in real-time to put your evergreen content in front of relevant audiences who then have a higher propensity to sign up for your newsletter or CRM program. True Anthem allows you to overcome the challenges of monetizing Facebook without the manual work and to achieve more personalized content distribution.

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