The Content Marketing Technology Stack - Technology Brands Need to Know

The Content Marketing Technology Stack – Technology Brands Need to Know

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Great content marketers obsess about the buyer’s journey. They know the ins and outs of their brand and have conversion figures nearly memorized by heart.

But they can’t do it alone.

Behind every successful content marketer is a stack of tools that provides actionable insights and other essential information to make campaigns even better. AI is a particularly important component of smart, new martech tools. AI streamlines processes and frees marketers up to do less mundane, time-consuming tasks.

However, it can be tough to know which tools are the real deal and which are flops. Check out this content marketing technology stack for the best content marketing tools of 2018. Add your favorites in the comments!


Nobody’s perfect. That’s why every piece of content you produce needs editing. But editing can be a tedious process of back and forth. Most content marketers don’t have time for that!

Save time by using Grammarly to edit your content. This tool proofreads content either as you type or after it’s produced. Just download it to your computer to use as a software, or integrate with your browser, email, or text editor.


CONCURED bills themselves as a ‘content strategy platform.’ This tool is powered by AI and helps you create data-driven content strategy. Skip the long planning meetings. This tool will do most of the heavy lifting for you. CONCURED isn’t just for staring at numbers, either. It even makes suggestions to help you max out engagements and conversions.


Got data? Great! Put it to use with Wordsmith. This platform takes your data and turns it into a written narrative.

This tool is popular with the Associated Press for a reason. It summarizes important news information, like sports or political races, and updates your content accordingly.

We don’t recommend using Wordsmith to generate full-blown articles. But it’s a fantastic tool if you need to get fast, accurate information to your audience quickly.


Acrolinx is a powerful tool if you’re worried about content consistency. Designed specifically for larger companies, Acrolinx uses AI to check the style, tone, and branding of your content. This isn’t a huge problem for smaller companies, but if you have multiple writers or departments, content consistency is a real concern.

You don’t need to check every piece of content for brand, tone, and style before it goes live. Acrolinx analyzes your text and makes suggestions to tie your content together with ease.


If you’re a content marketer, you’re likely measuring your site stats with Google Analytics. It takes time and a skilled hand to draw conclusions from months’ worth of this data.

Give your content analytics team a break with the PaveAI tool. This software pulls conclusions from your Analytics data and breaks them down into simple, easy to understand action items. It collects data in simple reports that help you make decisions about your campaigns more quickly.


Content marketing is all about giving your users a great experience. But hey, it’s also about priming these people to buy. Content efforts have a profound effect on the bottom line. But how do you know what content leads users to actually buy?

Genie helps marketers predict consumer purchase behavior, removing the what-ifs and helping you be even better with AI.


Chat is a critical part of your customer’s journey. However, many businesses don’t have the internal resources to process large volumes of customer chat. Instead of outsourcing this critical avenue, try using bold360’s live agent and chat AI.

bold360 is great for addressing quick fixes and simple customer questions. But don’t worry. If the chatbot isn’t able to quickly help your customer, it escalates the situation one of your live representatives.


Loyal customers are the lifeblood of all businesses. It’s a content marketer’s responsibility to keep loyal customers coming back for more amazing content (and more purchases!). But how can we actually make customers more loyal? Aside from loyalty programs and exclusive content, it’s a real challenge.

If you want a leg up to boost customer loyalty, give the Jetlore platform a try. It uses AI to help your business maximize customer lifetime value through loyalty.

The bottom line

Technology is ingrained in modern content marketing. AI is a critical component of any savvy content marketing tool. Marketers are increasingly integrating AI and machine learning into their favorite tools to save even more time and money. Perfectly personalized content and a seamless buyer journey are no longer pipe dreams–you can make them a reality with these tools.

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