5 Trends in AI Content Marketers Can't Ignore

5 Trends in AI Content Marketers Can’t Ignore

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In our digital-first world, it’s only a matter of time before computers become more essential in marketing. Artificial Intelligence won’t replace marketers, but it will free us up from mundane and repetitive tasks. This means marketers will have the freedom to analyze and strategize more deeply, which is always a good thing. Technology is a critical tool for competitive content marketers. In fact, artificial intelligence, or AI, is making waves in the marketing world.

Put simply, AI, or artificial intelligence, is machine learning. AI technology mimics the human thought process and creates solutions independently. AI is the power that allows computers to beat humans at chess, although movies like Ex Machina show the potential dangers of AI gone awry.

We can’t let Hollywood fearmongering lessen the positive effects that AI has on so many industries, including marketing. AI is already making a huge impact on content marketing.

Let’s look to the future and see how trends in AI are already shaking up the content marketing space.

1. Writing

The essence of amazing marketing is breathtaking content. What happens when we outsource the tedious task of writing to the robots? The potential time savings would be significant, but a writing robot sounds like something out of a science fiction novel.

As impossible as it sounds, AI is already writing blogs and even news articles in reputable outlets like The New York Times.

Don’t panic, writers! AI is still a machine, after all. It’s difficult to program a machine to have a human’s deft hand with words. Humans have depth of experience and emotion that we still can’t program in AI. For that reason, AI has a long way to go before it can replace the human element of content writing.

However, if you need help generating quick, informational snippets of information, today’s AI can certainly speed up the writing process. In fact, many businesses use it to generate new, interesting blog topics based on reader feedback and search trends. It’s incredibly useful for fact-based articles or blogs for sports or political campaigns.

2. Better, faster editing

Every marketer wants perfect content. And that’s the reason why editors are so highly sought: they tighten up your writing so you can better appeal to your audience.

But what if your editor was an AI instead?

Believe it or not, AI is being used to help writers produce better content in less time. In addition to correcting grammar, AI has the capability to learn your writing style and habits. It’s like a personalized editor built just for you.

Of course, there are still limitations to AI editing. AI is good for catching grammatical issues and making occasional style changes, but human eyeballs are still the best bet for cranking out content for humans.

3. Personalized content

Personalization is the content marketer white whale. Everybody wants it, but few achieve the level of personalization that customers crave. AI changes the game for customer personalization. While it can’t turn your blog into a masterpiece, it can make content and topic suggestions based on your audience profile.

AI is capable of reading historic and real time audience data. AI suggests relevant offers and products to your audience when they’re primed to buy. It serves relevant, related content to keep readers on your site longer, increasing the chance of conversions. The result is more views of your content and better business outcomes.

4. Curated content

Not in the mood to write pages of original content? Content curation is a popular way to give your readers relevant information from multiple sources.

If you’ve ever used a tool like Feedly or The Skimm, you’ve seen curated content in action. For example, you could do a roundup style blog post listing the latest industry trends for the week. Use the power of curated content to provide value to your readers and boost your brand–without investing heavily into content of your own.

Curated content is big with your readers. They want to get quick information that’s tailored to their interests. The problem? Curation takes a lot of time. It often requires multiple audience segments, requiring hours of work to curate content for each audience.

AI pulls together relevant content and automatically curates based on your audience’s needs. It learns over time what works best, adjusting your campaigns to give even better content to your audience. This, in turn, increases how long customers read and share your content.

5. Content distribution

How do you know when a piece will resonate with your audience? It’s hard to predict as a human. Fortunately, AI can step in to lend a hand, both for organic and paid content.

Don’t you hate spending time on your blog posts, only to see them flop once they go live? AI uses predictive learning algorithms to serve your content the most engaging audiences possible.

AI can even convert your blog content into social media paid ads, targeting the users that are most likely to engage. AI enables you to get more signups, app installs, and leads from the investment you’re already putting into your paid content channels.

The bottom line

It’s an exciting time to be in content marketing. Tools like AI are changing the landscape of content marketing, and for the better. Don’t worry, content marketers. There’s no true replacement for a human brain when it comes to the art of content. Get pumped for the AI revolution!

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