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If You Have a Newsletter, You Need Artificial Intelligence

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Email newsletter programs are the holy grail to achieving brand engagement, lead acquisition, and loyalty. Despite industry claims of email marketing sounding its death throes, email content — including newsletters — will continue to be an essential channel for reaching new prospects and nurturing your existing customers. Though they’re typically used as a mid-funnel marketing tactic, newsletters are actually pretty powerful for all stages of your content marketing funnel. Your newsletter has the potential to drive sales from initial awareness to final conversion — and beyond.


But if you’re just not seeing these results from your newsletter program, your content could be missing the mark. Your mailing list may not include high-quality leads due to the lack of personalized audience targeting. Or, you may not be accurately tracking the funnel to understand where your quality newsletter conversions are coming from.


The good news? Artificial Intelligence “AI” can help with all of these challenges that content marketers face.


How AI Empowers Your Newsletter Marketing


We live in an age where our content marketing technology is catching up to the abundance of first-party data we’ve had access to for years. The result is that marketers are empowered to go deep with campaign personalization, achieve higher quality leads and measure campaign results more reliably than ever before.


With AI technology for newsletter marketing, you can improve your paid and organic content marketing campaigns all around. Here are just some of the possibilities of AI for content marketers:


Measuring the Content ROI of your newsletter. ROI is always a concern when you’re a content marketer since it can be difficult to tie your content production to the successes of your sales team. And if you’re primarily a brick-and-mortar brand, it can be even harder to trace in-store sales back to your newsletter content. An AI solution does all of this for you, giving you insights into what’s working and what isn’t — while providing data to back up the ROI of your content.


High-quality lead generation. Building an email list continues to be one of the biggest challenges in newsletter marketing. You can use third-party vendors to capture lead data for you — but this often translates to poor lead quality. Even if the leads from these efforts are high-quality, they may not have willingly opted into your newsletter, which may turn them off to your brand when they start receiving communications from you. A smart AI solution will capture high-quality leads for your newsletter based on relevant data, without you having to search for prospects manually or outsource lead generation to a company that doesn’t understand your market.


Personalization of newsletter content based on readers’ actual intent and interests. If curating newsletter content often feels like a blindfolded game of pin the tail on the donkey, AI can do away with that. AI can observe and denote the unique behaviors of each of your first party audience segments, and inform you as to which content will perform best for each based on their online interactions with your brand. For example, you may be sending all of your top-funnel prospects the same newsletter based on their position in the customer journey — but each of these prospects can be further categorized by interests, behavior, topics, political affiliation as well as demographic data from social networks. When you let AI determine which content will resonate the most with each individual reader, you won’t have to waste your valuable time and money stumbling around with a blindfold on.


Do away with manually matching content to audiences. If you’ve been manually picking newsletter content for each of your email list segments and paid distribution outreach e.g. Facebook custom audience campaigns, this may work for a time. However, if your business is scaling up, manual audience matching to content doesn’t really work anymore. Allow your business room to grow by harnessing the power of AI to sequence audiences throughout each stage of your content marketing funnel.

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Brett is the Director of Product Marketing at True Anthem, with a background in paid social advertising and content marketing. Brett has managed over $50 million in online advertising spend on Google, Linkedin and Facebook for a variety of companies ranging from startup to Fortune 500. Brett is passionate about AI's potential to transform content marketing.

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