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Use True Anthem as a Social Governance Tool



If you’re a Head of Digital at a multi-brand or multi-market publisher, you know that in order to truly be successful on social media, you need to develop a strategy that keeps your readers engaged with relevant and consistent content, around the clock. More often than not, this process of distributing content can be painfully manual, which can result in inconsistency across brands. This is where True Anthem can help.

Streamline your operations

Developing social media content requires consistent effort — which also means that it can be time-consuming. Based on surveying our customers, the average Facebook posts takes eight minutes to prepare and schedule, and the average tweet takes four minutes. True Anthem’s platform allows brands to increase social activity (and traffic) without having to hire more resources and it also empowers existing teams to innovate and build great content. You might be asking how?


True Anthem Organic allows brands to centrally automate 24/7 content distribution, freeing up editorial/social media content teams to instead concentrate on high-value and strategic initiatives. This free time also means your teams can focus on analyzing audiences and ideating video and other emerging monetization opportunities. Just take a look at Hearst Television. They not only saw 40% YOY increase in referral traffic but the number of hours saved monthly at each of their stations is nearly equivalent to one more full-time employee. Now that’s a lot of hours saved!

Start using smart data

How can a social media manager know what is the best content to share at all times? Not only does this process take time (as we’ve established) but sometimes the curation process is just using your gut feeling. S/he might know the top 5 posts available, but then what will fill the rest of the posting schedule? True Anthem’s platform uses AI to help publishers solve this exact problem. Just take a look at Reuters case study.


True Anthem Organic has been applying its artificial intelligence to optimally distribute Reuters’ content across their multi-branded social channels since 2015. These optimized, AI-powered posts actually performed better during supposed “off hours” than Reuters’ manually curated and scheduled posts during peak hours. They’ve been able to drive on average 146% more traffic to than previously scheduled social media posts just by centralizing this operation.

Enforce editorial guidelines

Automation is sometimes a scary word for world-class editorial teams but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, using a rules engine can ensure editorial tone and voice is consistent across your brands and local markets. Using True Anthem Organic, publishers decide how often they post and recirculate, what types of content gets posted, and what copy is used to craft the automated posts.


True Anthem as a social governance tool helps multi-brand organizations centralize and streamline their operations, resulting in more traffic and higher monetization opportunities. Want to know what True Anthem can do for your brand? Request a demo now.

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