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Introducing True Anthem Paid: New AI Solution to Optimize your Content Marketing Funnel

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Introducing True Anthem Paid

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the beta launch of True Anthem Paid, a new content marketing automation solution for Publishers to accelerate ROI-positive conversion on Facebook.


While social media has given publishers meaningful gains in traffic and new ways to drive ROI over the last several years, traffic share from organic posts on Facebook isn’t what it used to be. With Facebook’s wealth of data and ever-advancing audience targeting capabilities, Publishers have the potential to find and reach a very precise audience with every piece of content they produce. Organic distribution can only get you so far. Publishers need a paid distribution strategy to both acquire and re-engage audiences.


Audience development teams are faced with the difficult task of determining which content to amplify and to whom while assuring a monetary return on every dollar spent. Editorial teams create massive amounts of content with a very short window of relevancy to get that content in front of the right audience. Manually creating and managing paid campaigns for every piece of content across a myriad of audiences just isn’t scalable or effective.

Smarter Content Marketing Automation

To address these challenges, True Anthem is expanding content marketing distribution capabilities on social media with the launch of True Anthem Paid. This represents the first end to end content marketing automation solution powered by artificial intelligence to combine both organic and paid content distribution into a single offering.


Here is a short 2-minute video explaining the capabilities of True Anthem Paid:




True Anthem Paid Capability Summary


Retain Audiences

As you publish content, your articles and organic page posts are automatically converted into personalized, Dynamic Content Ads tailored to audiences based on the content topics and categories most relevant to them.


Improve Top of Funnel Audience Quality 

But you’re always in acquisition mode and need to be finding more high-value audiences for your content. True Anthem Paid unlocks first-party data to find people just like your most valuable visitors -those that have similar content preferences but haven’t been to your website. Ultimately, this increases the quality of your top of funnel audience acquisition initiatives at massive scale.


Grow Subscription Volume  

Once campaigns are in flight, Predictive Budget Optimization automatically allocates ad spend to the audiences that have the highest likelihood of achieving your goal- be it email capture, newsletter sign-up, app download, or premium subscription- at the lowest possible cost.


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