3 Ways AI Is Changing Content Distribution for Publishers

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Artificial intelligence is changing everything, from fashion design to medicine to advertising, and we believe that publishing is poised to be the next industry to be positively disrupted by AI.

Artificial intelligence will help publishers complete the transformation to a digital-first endeavor that uses technology to improve monetization, create efficiencies and unlock the full potential of human creativity. It can be used not only to scale the volume and effectiveness of content distribution but also to improve the overall efficiency of newsrooms.

At True Anthem, we’ve built technology that optimally distributes content to social media platforms using artificial intelligence to drive increases in traffic and revenue while creating operational efficiencies for publishers.

We work with a wide range of media companies ranging from global news brands, like Reuters, to local news and cable networks, magazine publishers and digital media brands. What all these publishers have in common is a desire to better monetize their content.

We see three ways that AI can help social media newsrooms:

1. Data-fueled editorial decision-making

Data has long been used to inform business decision-making. AI’s superior ability to process huge amounts of data relating to content performance can help social media teams identify their most valuable content.

Artificial intelligence can:

  • Predict trending topics that newsrooms should write about based on macro social media trends.
  • Identify which targeted stories will resonate with audiences based on real-time engagement and content consumption.
  • Editorially curate and personalize website and mobile app experiences based on individual content preferences

We’re not saying that AI should take over editorial decisions, but rather that it can inform those decisions. For example, True Anthem allows editors to create business rules that our system can follow to determine the selection and timing of social media publishing. These rules can be overridden by editors at any time.

2. Content Creation

AI already is being used to automate the creation of some kinds of news stories. The Associated Press is using AI to produce its recaps of public companies’ quarterly earnings reports, as well as recaps of Minor League Baseball games. This kind of information-heavy news item must be accurate, but it doesn’t have to be colorful. Producing them automatically lets writers bring their storytelling talents to unique content. Headline creation and multivariate testing can also be handled by AI.

3. Content Distribution

True Anthem’s AI can predict the performance of a piece of content and then distribute the right content to the right audiences at the right time. The publisher can set rules for post frequency, volume, recirculation and localization.

True Anthem also automates the creation of content clusters by creating groups of content and then classifying individual pieces of content. For example, True Anthem can create “national news,” “local news,” “evergreen” or “video-only” content clusters. This approach allows our customers to create a holistic content distribution strategy that weights their content from an editorial standpoint in the most optimal way.

These editorial business rules can be tested and optimized. Because these are machine-learning algorithms, as they’re applied to an individual publisher’s inventory of content, they become better at predicting the performance of content over time. The actual performance results of a piece of content get fed back into the system, improving the AI’s optimization capabilities.

The Evolution of Publishing Continues

From the first printing press to the radio and television; from the internet to social media, technology has enabled publishing to expand and evolve. In today’s fragmented media landscape, where social media provides infinite distribution capabilities, yet where monetization for that distribution has been challenging, AI can provide a new layer of sophistication and intelligence.

How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Publishing More Profitable

For one of the oldest industries, this technology offers a way forward toward sustainable monetization in an evolving digital world. To learn more about how AI can help publishers better monetize content, download our new white paper.