How True Anthem Optimizes Social for News Publishers

By Tom Pitts
Sep 23, 2015

News publishers, from local broadcast stations to international news agencies, generally publish more articles to their websites each day than they post to their social media accounts. This leaves social editors with a recurring question: Which articles should be posted to Facebook or Twitter?

Staying on top of new content to schedule posts throughout the day is time consuming and requires vigilance as the news cycle moves forward. Editors use a number of tools to make decisions around which stories they think will perform best once posted to social media, but this is typically a subjective process.

Because True Anthem has built a social media solution specifically designed for the needs of publishers, our solution can both predict the performance of news content across social media and also streamline the posting of content to Facebook and Twitter.

How does True Anthem make it easier to select articles for social media?

True Anthem removes the more repetitive tasks from a social editor’s workflow and takes the guesswork out of article selection.

We add a layer of objectivity to social posting by making data-driven selections. Our analytics platform measures referral and on-site traffic in real time, along with Facebook and Twitter integrations, to get a complete view of sharing activity for each article.

In addition to the real-time activity occurring around an article, the content of the article itself can help to inform whether it will perform well once posted to a social media account. Extracting the most important keywords from each article allows us to compare it to content that has performed well on social media in the past and also to topics that are currently trending in social media.

By combining the sharing and traffic data with our content analysis, we’re able to generate predictive scores for how well each article will do when posted to Facebook or Twitter. The articles with the highest scores are True Anthem’s predictions for strongest performance when posted to social media at any given time.

How does True Anthem make it easier to post to social?

We believe editors should spend their time doing things that only humans can do, like creating compelling content.

We use our social media analytics to identify the right times to post content to Facebook and Twitter and combine this data with sophisticated and customizable social publishing rules. This lets us automate optimally-timed posts. We create great-looking posts on Facebook and Twitter by indexing metadata about each article and combining this with input from editorial teams.

By selecting the best-performing articles and minimizing the time needed to post, True Anthem helps editorial teams drive social media success.

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