Welcome to the True Anthem Blog!

By Chris Hart
Apr 17, 2015

Our Story

The last 7 years with trueAnthem have been quite a journey for me. Like most startup stories, ours has some twists and turns.

We started off building technology around social measurement and viral tracking of music content. Since those days, we’ve learned a lot, transitioned our product focus not once, but twice, and built some great technology in the process. Throughout our transitions we maintained our focus on social media and developed a way to provide significant value for publishers.

Online media as an industry has also undergone significant change since we founded trueAnthem. Digital publishing has evolved from being focused on channels such as web portals and search. Today, social media drives the conversation and outpaces all other audience channels in terms of growth rate. Audiences are consuming content from multiple devices —including video—at unprecedented rates. There is so much audience opportunity along with intensely increased competition.

Massively successful publishers such as Buzzfeed, Business Insider, Huffington Post have taken advantage of this transition. We’ve been working on some very powerful social analytics and intelligence technology the last few years. Our technology helps both traditional and digitally-focused media brands succeed and stay on top of the emerging trends in media consumption.

It’s exciting to find genuine product-market fit and we’ve been running like never before. We’ve made some key hires in the past year to help us in our drive forward. Jon Buffington, previously with JUICE Analytics, is our chief architect. Tom Pitts joined us from AdRoll to lead marketing and operations, and Lael Sturm came over from YouNoodle to head up our sales efforts.

We’ve also re-launched to better communicate our offering. This first blog post represents the beginning of our own social efforts to surface the challenges publishers face today, and best practices to help their most engaging content succeed.

I look forward to having you along for the ride.

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